The founders_

Reburg is a project cocreated by Plan C and Pantopicon.


Plan C
design, production, concept, stories

Plan C is a Belgian based non-profit that connects, challenges and activates organizations and businesses on the road towards the circular economy.

We communicate the circular economy and set up experiments and education that translate theoretical models into applicable knowledge. Inspiring businesses to adapt new sustainable business models is pivotal throughout our actions.


concept, stories

Pantopicon assists both public and private organizations in assessing and anticipating their long term future, or should we rather say 'futures'. Today's world evolves rapidly and the future that eventually awaits us depends on the outcome of a complex of often uncertain developments.

Employing state of the art methodologies in futures studies, foresight, scenario analysis, visioning and design practice, we design and facilitate tailor-made processes to help you pave your ways to a bright future.